自1957年买足彩app平台成立以来, we have worked to build a one-of-a-kind educational experience for students with complex learning challenges. 每年, 在学生发展的每一个领域:课堂, 课外, 以及居住生活,  Riverview 工作人员 are dedicated to individualized education, 和创新. 在我们进化的每一步, 买足彩app平台 has relied on the extended Riverview family to support the needs of the school and foster new ideas and new directions, with philanthropic support in 3 key areas: 年度基金, 我们的春梦村晚会, 战略资本运动.

Each of these giving areas has a special purpose, and each has been instrumental in 买足彩app平台 becoming a nationally recognized center of excellence, w在这里 generations of students can experience life-changing growth.


At Riverview it is our priority to provide programming and services to our students, 父母, siblings and alumni in environments that encourage and promote the growth of the WHOLE family. 近年来, we have utilized our 年度基金 to innovate and develop many new programs in areas such as wellness, 营养, 还有艺术. Our most recent innovation is a comprehensive Family Education and Support program focused on:


None of this would be possible without the ongoing success of our 年度基金 and the leadership of our engaged community.

Last year, our efforts to expand participation in our 年度基金 increased exponentially. This increase is a direct result of the committed and passionate effort of our community. This year we want to keep the momentum going to reach our goal of 100%.

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Nearly 400 people attended Riverview’s 25th Annual 梦之村联欢晚会 on Friday, 6月16日, 2023, in support of expanding the school’s Arts programming. At Riverview, we believe in exceptional programming for our exceptional students. The Arts provide critical pathways for transformational expression and give numerous opportunities for authentic self-discovery, leading to multitudes of positive outcomes for our students.

The Gala and auction took place on the brand-new 格林菲尔德 under an open-air tent on a beautiful night on Riverview’s East Sandwich campus. The event set a fundraising record for the school netting over $1,000,000 通过门票销售, 赞助, 一个强大的无声和现场拍卖, 以及鼓舞人心的“梦想基金”筹款活动.

Much of the décor and all the entertainment was provided by Riverview’s creative and talented students. 河景视觉艺术老师, 凯茜桑普森, taught a Gala-centric art class leading up to the event which produced a stunning gallery of student art as the centerpiece for the stage. 视觉 & 表演艺术协调员 格雷格•辛普森 和学生dj一起工作 繁荣的阵容 who provided music during cocktail hour and student band S.T.L (天空的极限) opened the night with a high energy show-stopping performance.

The event kicked off with a lively cocktail hour. 一场生动的掷酒活动使人群感到愉快, 回忆在照相亭被记录下来, and supporters flocked to the raffle table for a chance to win gorgeous diamond hoop earrings. Existing relationships were strengthened, and new friendships were formed.

The live and silent auctions incorporated items from categories including sports tickets, 美丽的高端珠宝, 美术, 令人兴奋的用餐机会, 独一无二的河景专属物品, and luxury trips to destinations from Tuscany to Anguilla.

The Gala was hosted for the second year in a row by Riverview parent, advocate, and actor 艾米 Brenneman. Honored that evening were long-time supporters of the school and, art enthusiasts 丽贝卡和马蒂·艾森伯格 获得造梦者奖, presented to those who have had a transformational impact on the 买足彩app平台 community.

尊敬的校长, 斯图尔特•米勒 视觉及表演艺术协调员, 格雷格•辛普森 spoke about the positive benefits of the arts on Riverview students and the community, which was then exemplified in a video of Riverview students, 工作人员, and 父母 speaking about their unique experiences and successes. Based on the strength of some amazing lead gifts to kick off the Fund-A-Dream paddle raise, an inspired Riverview community responded by raising over $500,000 来支持买足彩app平台的艺术. 观看我们的“梦想基金”视频 在这里!

这真的需要一个村庄, and The Gala could not have been made possible without the dedication of the 40+ person Gala committee led by Gala Chair; 琳达·勒杜 和Gala联合主席; Barb高贵, the hard-working volunteers (many of whom are Riverview 工作人员), 优秀的供应商和合作伙伴, and the immense generosity of 买足彩app平台’s devoted sponsors and donors.


Capital Campaigns at Riverview support growth in both Programming and state-of-the art facilities. Our most recent 健康运动 has allowed us to build our game-changing Cohen Center for Fitness and Recreation, that incorporates integrated wellness programming into the fabric of daily life, including programs that teach healthy eating and wellness habits that will impact quality-of-life long after graduation. 今年春天, we opened a state-of-the-art Nutrition Cooking Center which allows our students to cook, prep and learn in a for a truly hands on classroom setting. 2022年10月, we officially broke ground on the final phase of our 健康运动 as we began construction of a brand new outdoor turf field and rubber track to replace the old Davis Field. Expected completion is scheduled for Spring 2023.

在健康, our Capital Campaigns have helped in many ways including: prioritizing music 还有艺术 programming in our James Center, the growth and expansion of our postsecondary GROW program, and many of the other things that have become essential to the Riverview Community experience.

资本活动的规模总是很大, but their impact on the Riverview culture as a whole is even bigger.



Riverview’s 年度基金 provides unrestricted money for programs and experiences for our students and faculty. It allows for our Riverview community to engage in a dynamic and enriching curriculum for each and every one of our students.

Money raised through the 年度基金 is also used to fund the greatest need at any given time. 在很多方面, the annual fund funnels programming and enrichment through every aspect of a student’s experience 在这里 at Riverview.

Why, outside of tuition, is additional money needed?

和许多私立学校一样, tuition does not cover all of the annual operating expenses for the school. Riverview relies greatly on bridging the gap between tuition and our annual operating costs. It helps to provide program enhancements and continued innovation.


We hope and encourage each of our Riverview families to consider Riverview a philanthropic priority for their family.

Your participation is a vote of confidence in all that we do. Your gift helps to advance our mission to empower our faculty and students to build the strongest path towards success. It allows us to innovate and utilize new strategies to deliver individualized programming for each of our students.


The primary goal of Riverview’s annual fund is to bridge the gap between what tuition provides, and the cost it takes to execute a top notch Riverview Education. 更具体地说, Riverview至少需要筹集650美元,000- $700,000 annually in order to support the budgetary needs of the school.


Individual gifts can range from anyw在这里 between $25-$50,000. 父母的平均礼物是2000美元. At Riverview we believe if everyone gives as generously as possible, 因为他们目前的财政状况, 然后我们可以共同实现我们的目标.


我们的年度基金从7月1日到6月30日, but our primary fundraising efforts for the annual fund typically runs September- December.


是的. Gifts to Riverview’s annual fund is considered a charitable donation and can be fully deducted within IRS regulatory limits. Please note that event tickets and raffles are not tax-deductible.


是的! Many companies and employers offer charitable match donations for employees. Please contact your Human Resource department to see if your company has a matching gift program. You will receive donor credit for both the original gift and the amount of the match. 每一块钱都很重要!